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Fully integrated Payroll, HR and Time & Labor

ProData understands that no two company's payroll needs are the same. Pro iPay is the solution. Pro iPay can process your unique payroll calculations, tax withholdings and deductions with ease. Pro iPay's fully
saleable infrastructure can be customized to your specifications; from small clients to large corporations with multiple locations and departments. We will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.

Single Sign-On Platform

Pro iPay is a Single Platform, fully hosted, web based, real-time solution. It seamlessly integrates HR and Time & Labor data into the payroll process; streamlines review and approval processes, and eliminates the need for manual imports of third party data. Only ONE Employee Record for payroll, HR and Time & Labor.

Real-Time Payroll Processing

Eliminate the guesswork with Calculations-As-You-Go. If a question arises about the proper withholdings and deductions behaving as anticipated, you can immediately see what your statement will look like when finalized. With no preprocessing steps, pay statements are continually updated in real-time including taxes, percentage deductions, arrearages, general ledger, labor distribution and workers compensation.

Built in Test Environments (BITE)

Pro iPay has Built In Test Environments (BITE) which allows employers to gain peace of mind when it comes to processing payroll. Let’s say you want to gain a comfort level with the system and how it handles particular scenarios, or you want to test options prior to implementing a new policy. BITE will allow you to do so without actually processing or finalizing payroll, or affecting any payroll data, to ensure the system will calculate the way you want it to.

Payroll Alerts

Depending on desired workflow and timing of payroll finalization, multiple hands may be touching employee and payroll data. With several configurable settings available, payroll alerts ensure items that require future attention, such as a new garnishment, are addressed with a single click of a button. An HR manager, for instance, could set up a new garnishment for an employee, while entering a note configured to require sign off from the Payroll Administrator to ensure set up was conducted properly. Not only does the Payroll Administrator see there is a note to double-check this garnishment, they can be required to sign off on it by clicking a button, which would date and time stamp their sign off.